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GESCO T1 Ltd. is seeking five (5) qualified financial product salespeople in the EMEA and APAC region(s) with a proven track record of selling fixed income, collateralized, listed, real estate investment products to High Net Worth/Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices/Multi-Family Offices, and Institutional Investors.

Prospective candidates with a background in financial sales as it relates to hospitality, hotels, and resorts are of particular interest.

This is a commission-only, remote-based position that requires innovation and an independent, entrepreneurial mindset.

Prospective candidates must have a base knowledge in financial product sales and be able to demonstrate a proven track record selling similar products to the aforementioned target market groups. Pre-existing client networks are not a requirement; however, the ability to create said networks quickly and independently are critical to success in this role.

There are no defined territories and the products are available to any qualified investor with the exception of “U.S. Persons,” as defined by U.S. Regulation S.

Please note this is not an entry-level position, nor suited for an IFA-type individual as the products are not designed for that market sector.

Although specific licenses, charters, qualifications, and/or certifications are not required at this time, they are advantageous and a fiduciary obligation with respect to conflicts of interest will be expected throughout the duration of any contractual agreement.

The financial products being offered, while listed, are OTC securities domiciled in Luxembourg. GESCO T1 Ltd. is not a provider of financial services or advice and is not regulated by any regulatory body.

This is a unique, defined, sales-friendly opportunity without intermediaries or distributors, nor with set time obligations, ensuring sales agents receive the full commission available with extensive support with regards to marketing, new lead generation, technology, and back-office assistance. For those individuals meeting the position criteria, this is a perfect part-time or intermediate position as the pandemic evolves. Client onboarding and regulatory matters are handled by the third-party issuer of the note series.

The current securities series is set at €250 million, extendable to €500 million, have a 5-year horizon, and are designed as bonds with a variable 4-10% per annum return, i.e., 20-50% at exit. 2000 notes have been issued at a value of €125,000 per note. The direct commission rate is 2.5% per note with the total available commissions on all notes exceeding €6 million.


Prospective and interested candidates should submit their resumes/CVs via LinkedIn or the online form at