Gesco T1 Ltd. issues it’s first series of notes focused on Hotel/Resort renewability in Southern Europe.

From the team here at GESCO T1 Ltd., we are all excited to announce the first of our securitized notes, with an official release of Monday, 03 May 2021.

With a focus on hotel and resort acquisitions following the devastation of COVID-19 and its effects on the international tourism industry, our notes are designed as a low-risk, medium return investment opportunity. While this unique event caused sale prices for resorts and hotels to plummet, some even being priced lower than the land it is on itself, we are also prioritizing the needs and requirements of the hotels, and the location themselves, in order to create new jobs and increased revenue moving forward.

According to GESCO T1 Ltd.’s Chief Investment Officer, “Now is the ideal time to participate in a unique period within the hospitality and tourism industries in Europe.  The market is traumatized; banks are shocked (and facing massive losses due to non-serviced debt), and the industry as a whole hasn’t yet accepted the reality of the situation.”

After noticing no shortage of capital, but instead a shortage of well-designed investment products, we designed these bonds to allow qualified investors to take part in a unique investment opportunity, with none of the direct risk or exposure usually attributed to owning hotels directly. All of this with the positive impact of turning discounted and distressed assets and business into legitimate, profitable investments.

The private placement note series, ‘GPP Euro Resort Impact Stability’ (ISIN CH0549200217), has an initial volume of €250 million and is available to both qualified and institutional investors.  With a focus on the acquisition of distressed and discounted hotel and resort properties in Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Greece, the notes are five-year, fixed coupon Secured Bearer Debenture Bonds offering a 4-10% annual coupon, which equates to a 20-50% total return on investment upon exit.

To read more about our plans moving forward, our opinions on the current market, and why we feel now is the time to strike on this opportunity, please find a link to our public press release below.


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