Vienna-Listed Bonds with ISIN

Available to Qualified and Institutional Investors

Five Year Term Fixed Income Investment

20 - 50% Return on Investment at Exit

Ideal Opportunity for Tourism Investments

30 - 70% Discounts on Beachfront Property


The global coronavirus pandemic has created a unique opportunity with respect to the tourism and hospitality industries in Europe, specifically beachfront hotels and resorts that are suffering due to travel prohibitions and other ever-changing  restrictions.

GESCO T1 Ltd. has a defined, targeted focus: the acquisition and rehabilitation of beachfront hospitality, tourism, and resort properties in select countries in the Southern European region.

Through Swiss financial services providers, GESCO T1 Ltd. has issued a Luxembourg-domiciled bond, GPP Euro Resort Impact Stability (ISIN CH0549200217), listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, at a face value of EUR 125,000 each.

With an initial volume of EUR 250 million, and available to both qualified and institutional investors, these bonds offer a unique investment opportunity for diversified portfolios providing higher liquidity and lower risk than a REIT. 


Expert Team

Supported by strong local partners & experienced board of advisors

Track Record

Experience & past performance in real estate & hospitality assets

Ideal Conditions

Right Place & Right Time for Hospitality Investments

Identifying Properties

Land Acquisition & Ongoing Revenue Strategy

Why Are We Doing This Now?

The one known factor is that travel will become easier, tourism will increase, and discounted properties will meet and exceed previous financial targets.  For qualified investors with the luxury of time, a stable financial product with moderate returns and low risk, overcollateralized by real assets is a prudent investment decision.  As importantly, GESCO’s bond issuance is a true impact investment, creating jobs and assisting with economic recovery in locations where tourism constitutes the majority of local revenue. 


The Right Team for Success

GESCO T1 Ltd. has a small, focused board consisting of 5 handpicked experts located in 5 countries on 2 continents.

They are further supported by:

  • Investment and Advisory boards.
  • Qualified, contributing Consultants
  • International Distribution Network
  • Partnerships with Global Hospitality Service providers

Years of Combined Experience

1 +

Real Estate

1 +

Financial, Banking, & Investment

1 +

Hotel, Resort, & F&B

1 +

International Project Management

1 +

Acquisitions & Transactions

To read an in-depth Q&A with our Chief Investment Officer about GESCO T1 Ltd., our strategy, background, and product structure, visit International Investment's website using the button below.
GESCO Future Outlook

Investment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While GESCO remains cautious, it is optimistic about its strategy and has always taken a prudent approach on the management of its investments.

The 2020 tourism season was the worst on record and devastating to the global economy, with over USD 4 trillion lost.  2021 has not seen improvements on the scale needed for properties to service their preexisting debt or generate profitability.  Now is the right time to make investments as acquisition costs will be lower and future returns will be higher.

Recent reports indicate the market will stabilize and begin to recover once there is news that infection rates begin to decline, vaccine adoption increases, and travel becomes easier.  The pent-up demand for beachfront vacations and holidays in Southern Europe is extremely high.  

Investment professionals advocate a diversified portfolio in 2021 and beyond with investments that have low or even negative sensitivity or correlation to equity markets.  GESCO’s bonds are designed as a hedge against market instability.

GESCO Future Plan

A Five Strep Plan For Increased Profitability

Acquire & Update preexisting contractual agreements

Refurbish & Recondition

Re-market, Re-brand, Retrain & Influence

Revise business plans to reduce reliance on OTAs

Redevelop in 24-36 months

This acquisition strategy presents a great alternative solution as it is priced on the NAV of real assets and uncorrelated to the equity markets. 
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